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About Us

'Stateless Mind' performance art festival

Stateless Mind is a performance art festival organized yearly by the association Jambatan. The first festival  started in 2019 and participation of both artists and audience has been growing each year. The festival includes performances by in particular diaspora performance art artists, workshops, seminars and forums. 

Stateless Mind works within the themes of migration, displacement, memories and decolonization based on factors such as imperialism and global economic segregation impervious to the hierarchization of humanity into a racial or cultural center. It focuses on the diaspora and minority community regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation in a so-called ‘world divided into compartments; where we see growing inequalities between the North and the South and

between the haves and the haves not. 


Our mission is to create a bigger public awareness about the work of diaspora artists and offers nuances to the dialogue of the global movements of migration. We also explore the notion of belonging and experiences of hybridity that exist in having multiple cultural heritage. Lastly, we hope to spark interest in performance art that enables a transnational connectedness and seeks a sustainable lifestyle.

Stateless Mind specializes in interdisciplinary audience engagement collaborating with museums, art institutions, schools and organizations creating a platform for artists to share their works through dialogs, archival, pedagogy, and development of imaginative and investigative exhibitions in Denmark and internationally. Our aim is to work with artists that are experimenting with new media and putting importance on research in their works.



Jambatan is a non-profit art and culture association based in Copenhagen and founded in 2008 by visual artist, Amir Zainorin and anthropologist, Pia Poulsen. Jambatan aims to promote interconnectivity between people through art and culture. 

Jambatan is the Malay word for ‘bridge’. The name recognizes the potential to bridge art and culture with the community and serve as a catalyst for generating new forms of collaboration and activities across borders

of nationality, culture, language and belief.

The Associate Members

The Support Team


Teacher, learning portal designer and humanitarian aid volunteer


Photographer, webpage designer and copywriter

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