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Aimen Ajhani 



Aimen Ajhani was born and raised in Tripoli, Libya, culturally clashed and presently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Started as a graffiti writer during the revolution of Libya in 2011 to be invited to Denmark as the first Libyan street artist to participate in the Images festival Copenhagen 2013. He went back to Libya after that to participate with a mural in a hip-hop cultural event for the human rights day against violence decorating a public parking lot in Tripoli with powerful messages on a huge scale for the first time in town. Then he moved to Denmark to start his artistic base where he gives graffiti courses for kids and develops his skills as an urban artist, worked with various nationalities and NGOs, as a speaker activist street artist. In 2015 he participated in Shubbak festival London in a live performance at the Chelsea theater, blending the Sufi dervish and caligraffiti into one movement to introduce the peaceful artistic aspects of the oriental culture. In January 2016, he organized his first Solo exhibition called Vandalism in the Art house, Tripoli-Libya.


Stateless Mind #3

Performance Title
Under Construction

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