Amir Zainorin

Amir Zainorin.jpg

Amir Zainorin was born in Johor, Malaysia in 1963. He was educated in Business Studies and has worked in Agricultural Bank, Advertising and in Public Relations companies in Malaysia before he started making art in 1995.


Amir is a multidisciplinary artist shuffling between Europe and Asia. He makes performances, installations, videoes and paintings to confront themes such as identity, migration, economics and pop cultures.


He has exhibited at the National Art Gallery Malaysia, the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde Denmark, the National Gallery Singapore, the Museum of Historico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the Immigrant Museum Denmark and the Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen to name just a few.


He works and collaborated with schools and different institutions in Denmark making art workshops and projects.


Amir is the founder of the artist collective Jambatan (Malay for bridge). Jambatan is a Copenhagen based collective that consists of people from different backgrounds including artists, anthropologists, and educationists. This in response to an urgent need of an art community that includes Asian diasporas in the Nordic region as well as other diaspora artists.


Jambatan was the organizer of the first Malaysian Arts Festival in Denmark and recently the organizer of an art festival held in Copenhagen. The festival's focus was on Southeast Asian Diaspora Artists in the Nordic Countries.