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Azizan Paiman



Azizan received a MA in Fine Art from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, in 2001 and a BA in Fine Art from University Technology MARA UiTM, Malaysia, in 1995.


Azizan Paiman’s artwork plays with social mores, politics, gender issues and current events with a focus on Malaysian contemporary life. His artworks are inspired by the rapid, intense changes that Malaysia has gone through as a nation over the years. He calls himself ‘a back-dated reporter’. He transmits his thoughts, feelings, opinions on people and things around him, and put down his layman analysis on canvas.


He has exhibited in 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art – Brisbane – 2006, 1st Fukouka Asian Art Triennial 1999 and Singapore Art Biennale in 2016


Stateless Mind #3

Online streaming performance art

 Title: The collapse of an orchestra

Conceptually the idea of this artwork impulse from the situation that we face off during the pandemic. What we see during the pandemic was lots of negative situations happen around the world and the main things were regarding about economy and health care. The two main issues were regarding the collapse of healthiness and economy, the fundamental of these two things if the government fail to solve it will be a disaster.


During this pandemic happens we saw some of the governments such as Italy, Slovak, Mongolia, Sweden, Japan and the United States of America (including Malaysia), the governments fall. 


Therefore I intend to respond to the situation by representing an image of a parliament building (paint it on welding masks) and install it in the specific space (Percha Art Space [PAS], Lumut, Perak, Malaysia] which is nearby the jetty opposite of Dinding Straits.

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