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Chuyia Chia 



Chuyia Chia was born in Malaysia and is currently living and working in Sweden. She works with painting, installation art, digital representation and performance art. Her works focus on global issues especially concerning environmental issues, food, identity and culture. She expresses herself through actions and by looking at perspectives on how body language and action perform in different contexts, in order to be able to communicate to the viewer prior to knowledge.


The question of sustainability opens a new area on how performance art as an ephemeral art form can be presented and collected in public, as well as in institutions and museums. Chuyia combines art performance, handcraft, moving images and still image and she continues to explore different art forms with an open mind. Her practice is not limited to her as an individual artist but she is a co-founder of a performance art collective ‘Communication Laboratory’/ComLab Sweden since 2010. Here she initiates, organizes and performs collectively in public space.

So far she has participated in international performance festivals, exhibitions, and art activities in more than 35 countries including East Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, various European countries, the Nordic Countries, Russia, the Baltic countries, North America, South America and Africa.

Stateless Mind crop edited web.jpg-24.jpg

Stateless Mind #5

Performance T

Nuwa : between creating and destroying 

The idea reflects on the contemporary issues such as natural disasters based on climate issues or human factors, green politics and tension in geopolitics by using legendary mythological figure, Nüwa, the creator of mankind, eventual counterproductive of events in destroying our home, the earth. 

Stateless Mind #2

Performance Title

Listening to Silence, Composition 1

Watching at the dying garden in a september autumn, my thoughts ponders around the garden, thought of harvest, thought of preparation for winter to come; before the death of everything, before they all are buried in snow. My mind flew to the human catastrophy and the dissappearing of Amazon, I thought, how can I rest, while the rainforest has gone? How can I have buried my mind in the snow, pretending everything is clean and peaceful?

Stateless Mind #1

Performance Title - 

Chuyia Chia's artistic direction has developed with of her identity as an immigrant in the 1990s, giving her global outlook and concern. Thus in her work she pays particular attention to environmental responsibility, focusing on relationships and the communication between people. 

Her perspective is often how the body can express these contexts and communicate knowledge and emotions to the viewer.

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