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Sall Lam Toro 



Sall Lam Toro (GB/PT) is a black trans* non-binary multimedia performance artist and their praxis is informed by transcendental somatic and anthropomorphic practices such as butoh avant-garde, afro-futurist and decolonial aesthetics, philosophies and politics. They often work with the intention to rupture notions of time and visceral and social body(ies) across mediums of sound, video, movement, poetry, and visual performance.

Jambatan 2021-20.JPG

Stateless Mind #3

Performance Title -  DYSPHORIC SEAS

DYSPHORIC SEAS is the second part of the project TRANSDESCOLONIALIDADE SERIES of the multimedia performance artist Sall Lam Toro (PT/GB) investigating the historical visual epistemologies of the intersection of gender nonconformity, transness, dissidence in black African Western pre-colonial and postcolonial societies touching upon Cape Vert, Senegal, Guine Bissau. The project follows an interest in exploring the idea of the body within multitudes of being containing ancestral 

evocation and historical self-actualization. Such intention positions the body to re-invent black queer performative aesthetics that evoke ancestry, spiritual kinship, and sites of resistance.

The piece DYSPHORIC SEAS explores the intersections between experiences of migration, displacement and lost historical linkages in terms of language and body remembrance which Toro attempts to suture back a sense of defragmentation and repair through poetic evocations

that propose new imagined futures.

Stateless Mind #2

Performance Title -  BODY  CORPOREAL  Video Art 

Credits video editing: 
Clive Ruder Vignola
Year of production: 2018

“Self-love demands that we evoke our own gazes in a consumer-based
culture producing patriarchal hetero-western-centric based gazes in
mainstream global cultures. So, I ask you to reclaim your own gaze
through a process of active consciousness”.

This piece is  a visual evocation-manifesto that arose from a poem written about a willingness to
decommodify the body and liberate it from the tensions between socially
capitalized and visceral body; finding ways to conciliate several identities
and forms doing and redoing the binary within queerness and produce new
imaginations for blackness  through nature, channeling our intuition and

Secondly, it is a process-based piece speaking of forms of decapitalization
juxtaposing a reclamation of self-love not as a substitute but rather, as a
supplement. Through butoh inspired movement, dance improvisation and
poetic interactions with nature elements, the body reclaims its own
authorship and authentic gaze.

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