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Honey Kraiwee



Honey Kraiwee is an MA graduate from Maastricht University with a major in curating. Before her education in the Netherlands, she was a vice director of the art and cultural department at Alliance Fraçaise in Bangkok, Thailand. Recently, she received a grant to create MOONMOON CALENDAR. Inspired by the Chinese lunisolar calendar, the project resets our way of thinking about time and rethinks horoscopes by unveiling an algorithmic similarity between astrologers and Artificial Intelligence. Honey is also a regular host at A Tale of a Tub, an institution for contemporary art and culture in Rotterdam. Its program is centred around questions of how art can contribute to our understanding of present-day social, political, and ecological issues. Honey is currently keen on researching and working with concepts interrelating amongst non-human centred cultures and internet culture.

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Stateless Mind #4

Performance Title

Why are you here?
interactive lecture  (Duration: 10 - 20 mins)  

Nice to meet you! is an interactive lecture performance where a series of questions turns a lecture into conversations. Originates from the question ‘Why are you here’ which can come across as offensive to many migrants, Nice to meet you! aims to ask the exact question whilst getting to know and exploring lived experiences of fellow migrants!

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