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Intan Rafiza



Intan Rafiza(b.1981) is a curator and artist.Practicing performance art for the past 15 years , her art pieces reflect and respond to the social criticism within contemporary society. Taking the bold step of creating performance art as expression and medium for having a dialogue with the public.Her performance pieces were exhibited most notably at Gluck50 Milan , Italy 2018, Asiatopia Conference SE Asia, Bangkok, Thailand 2016 & 5th Beyond Pressure Festival , Myanmar 2012 . One of her great performance series includes SEMUKA -Face to face.

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Stateless Mind #1

Performance Title
Face to Face

"In my artistic practice, I put my self in the real space, interact directly with the audience, and create expression through an unconventional medium to make an art statement . I celebrate contemporary art that has a strong sense of ephemerality.


I apply body language and make the most of the people, the space and even the air surrounding me. In performance art, the aim is to appreciate and express an artistic experience of daily life. It is not a mere one way entertainment device. In fact it can function as a form of esoteric ; shamanistic - instructive, - provocative - entertaining existence".

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