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Kiss Lavin



Kiss Lavin is a multi-disciplinary artist who was brought up in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Denmark. Her work primarily revolves around painting, sculpture, music and performance. Often choosing to blend the different forms together, creating a totem-like collage of varied materials. 

Within her practice, she explores social and cognitive psychology, non-duality, transience and the cyclic happening of life and death.

She is currently receiving her bachelor's degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Stateless mind #3-10.jpg

Stateless Mind #5

Performance Title
Eating Soil

Duration: 15 mins


On the movement of memories that have evolved with us. Lingering, disorienting, and shifting, they appear not just in thought but in the very rhythms our bodies follow. Deeply ingrained in our biology, these memories breathe and transform, reshaping with time. The piece blends traditional Sundanese dance and Silat, teachings passed down from fore-mothers.

Stateless Mind #4

Title - Echo      Duration: 15 mins

Memory morphs, slips and repeats. 

The embedded memories are those that we have devoted ourselves to echoing again and again. Patterns of thought and behavior ripple through our minds and bodies. 

Some have been passed down as biological imperatives, and some through cultural happenings that recur year after year. With a slight change each time, we continue to tesselate through the veins of time. 

Blending Sundanese dance with Pencak silat, the performance expresses our grip on memory. Expresses movement that is instinctual, ancient, disorientating and reverberating.

Stateless Mind #3

Title - Under Construction

Under Construction

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