an art festival that explores the notion of belonging and experiences of the hybridity that exists in having multiple cultural heritage. It investigates displacement and migration based on its overall factors such as imperialism, trade or labor migrations, marriages and how people and their memories 'bridge over' from culture, identities, structures and language.

The festival engages with a particular focus on the 'in betweenness' of movement as a state of being both physically and psychologically. Being in between produces critical knowledge and creates questions about homeland and the disassociation of participation in different societies.

The festival is a platform where artists living in multiple worlds engage, connect and bridge the different cultures and values of a multicultural society.

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Artist participants, 

Live streaming performances:

Azizan Paiman

Kamal Sabran

Sylvain Souklaye

Artist participants, Light performance and video screening:

Khaled Ramadan

Stefan östersjö & Nguyen Than Thuy

Gabriel Pereira

Mohd Jayzuan

Amir Zainorin

Seminar, Speakers

Pia  Poulsen

Dalida Maria Benfield

Christopher Bratton

Gabriel Pereia

Nermin Durakovic

Rodrigo Ochigame

Photography documentation