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Forum Speakers

Joint presentation by Christopher Bratton and Dalida Maria Benfield 

Stateless Mind #3

October 2021


Crossing the Space(s) Between Us


In this presentation, Christopher Bratton shared reflections on how we might construct meaningful social relations across multiple registers of difference, drawing from their collaborative experiences in collective media production, arts pedagogies, artistic practice, and performative, social interventions. Discussing recent projects, they also reflected on the changing circumstances of culture in the current neo-liberal and neo-nationalist moment.

Stateless #3-4.jpg

Stateless Mind #3

October 2021


History of _rt: Experimental mapping


In this presentation, Gabriel discussed some aspects of the experimental and collaborative project “History of _rt.” How may we radicalize the notion of Art and think differently about its official and unofficial (his)stories? How may we evaluate the limited perspectives of the official “History of Art” taught today, while also imagining alternatives? From mapping the normative to charting otherwise, this talk challenged the complex, relational articulation of art and history.

Stateless #3-6.jpg

Stateless Mind #3



Space formation as an obstacle for equality

Stateless #3-9.jpg

Stateless Mind 3#

October 2021


The Supervision of Constructed Aesthetics of Interculturalism


The politics of representation and participation

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