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Mohd Jayzuan



Mohd Jayzuan a multidisciplinary artist based in Ipoh, Malaysia. 


He is a seasoned figure in Southeast Asia's arts, creative and counter-culture movements. He has been active since the late 90s in his teenage years and his main areas of interest are music, literature, film, contemporary art, collective and youth culture. He is the  founder of the artist collective; Projek Rabak in 2011.


Stateless Mind #3


Video - A TREE IN A DESERT   (11.02 sec)

Thanaka is not just a plant, or only makeup on pretty faces. It represents various symbols and meaning, culturally and politically. An emblem for love and peace. A metaphor for resistance and people’s uprising against tyranny. A hope for a better future. Thanaka (power) to the people.

Copy of screenshot from 'A tree in a desert', Mohd Jazuan.png
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