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Pavana Reid  



Pavana Reid was born in Khonkaen, Thailand, in 1963. She moved to Northern Ireland in 1988 (the time of the ongoing political trouble in Northern Ireland).


Pavana began her art education in 2006 by attending night classes and she got her degree in Fine & Applied Art at Ulster University Belfast in 2009.

She works mainly in Performance Art and performance-related photography and moving pictures. She works both in solo and group collective, performance in public space, site-specific and environmental art project.


Based on the complexity of identity - as an individual member of the community local/global - Pavana investigates change and developing identity as a perpetual process within wider notions of social norms. Her performances and actions are intended as narratives that translates into the viewer’s own ideas and hereby become new experiences.

Pavana Reid

Stateless Mind #5

Performance Title

Some fingers are green
Duration: 45 mins

Pavana Reid

Some fingers are green.


I am aware of environmental concern and the global warming and that reflected how I choose my direction to work in my performances and projects. So with that in mind I have been using sustainable material from nature, reuse and recycle materials and also grow my own plants for material of my performance art work. I believe that the most important element in performance art is time and for me to use material from nature or grow my own is the perfect way to present time in my performances. 

My thought

I’ve moved to Northern Ireland, UK in summer 1988. Remember my first winter, apart from missing my family and friends I started to miss having plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables all year around.  Longing to have my own garden I began to grow my own vegetables and have many houseplants sitting in pots around the house. In a way these plants have kept me company through different times. The act of planting small seed or taking care of plants, bringing them inside the house during winter year after year. It's not just a routine, gardening is like a ritual that many of us happy to do it. 


For this performance I kindly ask audiences to bring some plants with them.

Stateless Mind #4

Performance Title

Duration: 45 mins



Stateless Mind #2

Performance Title

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Material: sarongs (artist owned) - rope 


Pavana left her birth country, Thailand, in 1988 to immigrate to Northern Ireland. Since then she has slowly disconnected herself from Thai culture and religion/ritual practice.


In  this art performance, Pavana takes on subjects of religion and believes between two cultures. Following the death of her mother, Pavana collected some of her mother’s clothings worn by her when she was still alive. Pavana uses a selection of sarongs* and objects, that are common in Thai rituals, in her performance to express her memory, her thought and feeling that is  on her mind. She aims to communicate through  this platform of performance art with her body, materials and her concept to express her emotional story connected to her recent lost.


 *a garment - traditionally worn in SE Asia - consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped round the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpits 

Stateless Mind #1

Performance Title

Space in Between
Duration 45-60 min

Space in Between is a performance in which Pavana works with selections of objects where some have originate from culture that she has left behind. She will invite some audiences to sit in located seats in the space during her performance. She will move between seated audiences, exploring materials and finding possibility within the space. Some actions will have clear - direct view to the sitting audiences and obscure to others.


“Being in presence is most important to my performance,

the moment that is shared between artist and spectator is a unique experience to each individual”

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