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Finn Maätita

Artist and researcher

Finn Maätita is a Moluccan-Dutch artist and researcher, born and raised in the Netherlands, and recently graduated in Photography from the University of the Arts in Utrecht.

Within his current practice he explores the interspaces of his cultural identity. Resulting in multilayered media installations, where drawing, sound, moving image and performance come together. 

“While reflecting upon the spaces that overlap within myself, I investigate the interspaces that emerge from these overlaps. Mental and physical interspaces, spaces that are unspoken of, or encrypted within the codes that I have to switch between. The collective experience of decolonization and intersectionality motivates me to make myself heard as a Moluccan individual. I remember the way I saw things as a child. Taking on a constant experiment with a language that was imposed by someone else.”

His latest work revolves around the process of revitalization within the colonial system and the importance of ancestral Moluccan principles within that process. He reflects upon a pre-colonial aspect of the contemporary experience of Moluccans in diaspora, to start a conversation about this perspective on the road to decolonization.

Finn Maätita
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