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Stateless Mind #5

Calling it home

 Performance Art Festival
25-29 October, 2023

Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Nikolaj Kunsthal and

Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi Copenhagen

Stateless Mind #5 - 'Calling it Home'  focuses on the concepts of home, materially and metaphorically in relation to the given environment and surroundings given the politics and policies of migration and integration. It brings together artistic practices that explore the idea of home as an ideal place-identity and a sense of belonging. For some people home is a house, connected to a particular place. For others it is the city- or landscape, the color of the sky or a sense of belonging to a certain group of people or community who shares the same values, beliefs or way of life.


The exhibition will present about 20 performance artists of diaspora based in Europe (Scandinavia,

Netherlands, United Kingdom) Asia and the US. The artists are invited to make performances for the festival that reflect, explore and investigate the theme while contributing to a Nordic attribution on cultural diversity - and perhaps claim “their own history and narratives”, in response to the dominant discourse.


Diaspora means scattering while in the usage of the term refers to a group of people who live outside their ancestral homeland. The term is often used on artists who discuss and respond to their exploration and experiences of the hybridity that exist in having multiple cultural heritages.


Stateless Mind #5 - 'Calling it Home' seeks to contribute to bigger public awareness about the work of performance artists and artists of diaspora. It offers nuances about what home means and adds to the dialogue of the global movements of diaspora.  Diaspora people in general navigate the web of intricacies as they are meshed together here in the north.

It wishes to stimulate an interest in art that enables a transnational connectedness between people in the local communities and internationally in relation to the multi-cultural society we are living in. It seeks for a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the surrounding and the ecology of being locating true measures of meaning for oneself and for sharing life's real abundance with others.


Art Forum

'Calling it Home'



Kunsthal, Charlottenborg 


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (Denmark/Philippines)

Thuy Nguyen (Sweden/Vietnam)

Amir Zainorin


Moderator: Pia Lund Poulsen, anthropologist




Artist/Curator talk & workshops


Nikolaj Kunsthal


Kiss Lavin (Denmark/Indonesia)

Dalida Benfield (US/Panama/Finland)

Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman (Denmark/Indonesia)

Annie Jael Kwan (UK/Singapore)

Ong Jo-Lene (Malaysia/Holland)

Christopher Bratton 




Invited Artists/Curators

Below is a list of artists, curators and scholars that will be invited to participate in the program.














  • Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman (Denmark/Indonesia) 











Guest artists:



Jambatan Stateless Mind #5 - Calling it Home - Performing Art Festival 2023 is in collaboration with

Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi Copenhagen.

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