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Yong Sun Gullach



Yong Sun Gullach is a Korean-Danish artist and a human rights activist with focus on Transnational adoption as colonial practice based in Copenhagen Denmark. She operates at the boundaries of performance, poetry, film, music, noise and installation art. Her art practice investigates the Southeast and East Asian diaspora and disorientation as she unfolds the aesthetics of the expressions and narrations that are embedded in-between the body, sounds and the spoken word.

She works feministic interdisciplinary with performance, text, sculptures, film, sound and activism – investigating the endless reconstruction transnational adoptees are forced to endure in the neo-colonial global North, the body in diaspora being an archive and a vessel for trauma and pain. 

Her works have been curated in Europe, North- and South America and Korea. 

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Stateless Mind #5

Performance Title
Continuous Helix

Duration: 30 mins

Hidden in the DNA is the key to connection - the mirror of a potential belonging. But DNA is also a deceiving trace as the stories forced from it only makes sense if there is comparison or a match. Even our genes are not created to stand alone or to be interpreted in solitude. DNA can be changed, molded and reshaped into what is wanted, what is beautiful and ideal.

The transnational adoptees are left in the diaspora and often as adults begin to migrate back. The seeking is formed by a mix of crossing borders, trying to relearn what was not told, finding hidden stories of a past that cannot fully be grasped and crossing narratives trying to harvest the archive of the body. One of the techniques used in order to trace oneself is the DNA testing. The travel is made possible by modern technology considered to be a factual science - but is in the end just as dependent on the human ability to retell its purpose.

Continuous Helix is an investigation of the narrations created by the understanding of DNA. This performance seeks the expansion but also the limit of the body’s connections and DNA archive.

Stateless Mind #4

Searching with a homeless body

Duration: 30 mins

In this piece the Artist Yong Sun Gullach will continue an ongoing search for an origin stripped from her before the age of 1.


I am the star child alienated from other space deprived from past, present, future. ALWAYS ENCAPSULATED

always other. This performative piece is part of “The Star child project” consisting of a series of de-colonial art expressions circulating on the topic Otherness, Diaspora, Transnational Adoption, Aging, Neocolonization and Alienation.

Stateless Mind #3

Performance Title

I do not construct reality – my body is reality”

In this piece, the artist investigates confinement as both a mental and a physical limitation to the body.

Territory is a portion of geographical space that coincides with the spatial extent of a government's jurisdiction. It is the physical container and support of politics organized under a governmental structure. It is an independent political power, with social ties to a “parent nation.” or under political control by a nearby nation. It is mostly occupied by settlers from the “parent nation.” It has a short-term status while waiting for full rights.

Through confinement of both humans and other species, the physical containers are limited to an absolute minimum in order to restrict the possibility of creating territory and independence. By not occupying but being occupied the body in itself becomes a territory occupied by the parent nation itself. You do not own the borders of your own body.

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