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Amy Zahrawaan


Amy Zahrawaan, also known as Monyetbali, is a prominent Jakarta-based artist with degrees in Pedagogical Arts and Urban Arts. He co-founded Grafis Huru Hara (GHH), focused on making printmaking accessible to all. GHH introduced innovative techniques like kitchen lithography and tetra pack printing. Amy's involvement led to global exposure, including participation in the Dhaka Art Summit 2020 and Documenta fifteen 2022.

In his personal practice, Amy uses the monkey as a symbol to critique human nature and daily absurdities across various mediums, from traditional paintings to digital art and murals. He also advocates for environmental conservation through public art projects, like creating large-scale murals on Belitung Islands.

His transdisciplinary approach views art as a tool for community engagement and empowerment. Amy's extensive experience with GHH and Gudskul has equipped him to mentor and guide aspiring artists in collaborative endeavors.


Stateless Mind #5


Duration: 30 mins


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