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Curators: Amir Zainorin


Theme of the festival

Stateless Mind #5 - Calling it Home focuses on the concepts of home, materially and metaphorically in relation to the given environment and surroundings. It brings together artistic practices that explore the idea of home as an ideal place, identity, and a sense of belonging. For some people home is a house, connected to a particular place. For others, it is the city- or landscape, the color of the sky, or a sense of belonging to a certain group of people or community who shares the same values, beliefs, or way of life.


The festival will feature around 20 artists with different backgrounds in Scandinavia, Asia and USA. The majority of them are based in Europe as migrants. The participating artists are invited to create works in response to their exploration and experiences of the hybridity that exist in a multicultural society. They will create performances that reflect and investigate the concept of home, while contributing to a Nordic attribution on cultural diversity and potentially reclaiming their own history and narratives in response to dominant discourses.


Stateless Mind #5 - Calling it Home seeks to contribute to a bigger public awareness of the work of intercultural artists. It offers nuances about what home means and adds to the dialogue of the global movements or migration.  

It wishes to stimulate an interest in art, that enables a transnational connectedness between people in the local communities and internationally concerning the multi-cultural society we are living in. Diaspora refers to a group of people living outside their ancestral homeland, and in the context of this festival, it pertains to artists who discuss and respond to their exploration and experiences of hybridity resulting from multiple cultural heritages. 


The festival aims to raise public awareness about the work of performance artists and artists of diaspora, offering nuanced perspectives on the concept of home and contributing to the global dialogue on diaspora movements. Diaspora individuals often navigate the complexities of their intertwined cultural identities in the northern context, and this festival seeks to stimulate an interest in art that promotes transnational connectedness among local and international communities, especially in the context of our multicultural society.

It is our hope that the festival also will reach new audience groups, and create opportunity for new network and cooperation.

Stateless Mind #5

Calling it Home

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