Stateless Mind explores diasporic connections and experiences of hybridity that exists in having multiple cultural heritages through Southeast Asian artist diasporas living in the Nordic Countries.


It's free online accessibility for the public and the platform consists of submissions by a cross-disciplinary network of artists, curators, scholars, and researchers. The work revolves around the art of diaspora in the Nordic countries with special focus on Southeast Asia.


This platform is also to recognize the potential to create a community that serves as a catalyst for generating new forms of collaboration and activities among Southeast Asian artists living in the Nordic counties, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

Associate group

The Team

Amir Zainorin: Multidisciplinary artist and founder of Jambatan


Pia Poulsen: Anthropologist and photographer 


Sharizad Shamsuddin: Humanitarian aid volunteer and teacher


Karin E Pedersen: Copywriter, webpage designer and video- photographer