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An art festival exploring the notion of belonging and experiences of the 

hybridity that exists in having multiple cultural heritage. It investigates displacement and migration 

based on its overall factors such as imperialism, trade or labor migrations, marriages and how people 

and their memories ‘bridge over’ from culture, identities, structures and language. 


The festival engages with particular focus on the ‘in betweenness’ of movement as a state of being both 

physically and psychologically. Being in between produces critical knowledge and creates questions about

 homeland and the disassociation of participation in different societies.


The festival is a platform where artists living in multiple worlds engage, connect and bridge the different 

cultures and values of a multicultural society.  


The participating artists confront the geographical space poetically, by exploring tipping points in their 

personal biographies that converge with wider historical contexts and the impact of global politics, 

personal histories, and cultural symbolism. Through them emerge a doorway, as a ‘third place’, a site 

of/for transgression, a turning point, a leap, an ending, a beginning.


Covid-19 has completely altered the way how we live, work and communicate with each other, in a way 

that we have never imagined. People living in diaspora has been restricted to travel from one place to 

another and disconnected to their families and place of origin. Life has been put on hold or condensed 

to our home space in long periods of isolation. We have been forced to adjust to on-line media regardless 

of age or space. 


Artists in diaspora often find themselves caught in between especially with regards to the question about 

belonging and wanting or wishing to be ‘home’.


For some, ‘home is where the heart is’ with friends and family. For others home is connected to food, 

culture, traditions or simply the place where they grew up. Given the new environment we are living in, 

the virtual space could also be a place that one calls ‘home’.


This festival invites you to contemplate the meaning of home and what it means to have a native country.

Stateless Mind #3

The Space Between

Life Performance Stateless Mind #3
Video Life Performance Stateless Mind #3
Video Screening Stateless Mind #3
Seminars Stateless Mind #3
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