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Benedikte Esperi


Benedikte Esperi is a performance artist, choreographer, film maker, researcher, producer and curator based in Sweden. She is published in a variety of venues, such as public sites, galleries, theatres and elsewhere. The encounter with sites, intentions and people nurture her choices and actions where the body is both an object and subject. Her works range from solo, co-lab and community art within the genres performance/live art, installations, dance for screen and choreography. Artistically she´s often referred to post-modern dance and avant-garde aesthetics. Esperi is a lecturer at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Gothenburg University. Runs Finnekumla Dance & Art Space, a place for residencies and public venues.

Benedikte Esperi_ Live Action 18_Göteborg 2023_ photo Chuyia Chia.JPG

Stateless Mind #5


Duration: 30 mins


‘Laterland’ Interferes with public spaces. Topics of migration, loss of legacy, heritage and manifestation for freedom of speech.

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