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Bettina Fung 馮允珊



Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 is a Hong Kong born, British-Chinese artist based in London, UK. Her practice centres on the expansive and immediate nature of drawing and often performs live, sharing her process as the work unfolds over time. She creates two dimensional, performative and site specific works that explore and question the subjects of legacy, belonging, ritual, futility, productivity and progress. With a strong interest in the ideas of ‘commoning’ and creative collective actions, her recent works are associated with the themes of shared authorship and the dynamics within working and building together. Bettina has exhibited nationally in the UK and abroad and was the recipient of awards such as the a-n Artist Information Company's New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 and Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts award in 2018. With a keen interest in peer-led learning, Bettina was a part of Syllabus IV, an alternative peer-led artist development programme delivered by six UK arts institutions in 2018/19, and was awarded the Airspace Gallery’s Artists Make Change bursary in 2020 to instigate a peer-led learning group to research the subject of artists making social change. Bettina is also a member of the Asia-Art-Activism Research Network.

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Stateless Mind #4

Performance Title
Land as Anchor
Duration: 20 – 30 mins


This performance looks to the belief and history of the worshipping of 土地公 (Tu Di Gong)* as a way of thinking about migrants’ diasporic relationship to land - the land they migrated to and the ancestral homeland they left behind. Incorporating performative drawing and collective action, this performance contemplates on the idea of land and calls for reflection on our own personal relationship to it and how that could inform the future we’d like to envision.


*a ubiquitous and commonly worshipped deity in Chinese religions, who is a guardian of a locality and the human communities that live on it, a deity that migrant Chinese often brought along with.

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