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Brennan Wojtyla 


Brennan Wojtyla (American, b.2001) is a transdisciplinary artist from Florida, USA who is currently living and working in Berlin, DE. Growing up in a post-industrial city allowed Wojtyla to explore and play in large skeletons of industry, developing an interest in graffiti and vandalism. Through this, he observed the most efficient way of vandalism is one-line aerosol paintings. Now, Wojtyla is working with found objects, found space, media, and performance, and is continuing to foster his conceptual practice, the "Cathedral of Labor."


Stateless Mind #5

One Line Process

Duration: 30 mins


A painting performance showing the complete process of creation. Realizing digital files in a physical space, the idea of borders becomes dissolved. By combining methodology in a transdisciplinary approach, Wojtyla aims to broaden perceptions of what can hold artistic merit.

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