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Mette Kit Jensen


I work in and about public space. 

I consider strolling as a symbol of social mobility and an exercise in the task of breaking through constructed directions of gaze. Since 2010, my practice has been centered around the Flâneuse - a woman walking and observing a public space founded by men, designed for consumption and maintaining power. Observations are translated into sculptures, texts or performances. Often others are invited in as co-creators. 

I am educated from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg 1995-2002, and I don’t follow any artist “generation” in Denmark. 

I am showing my work nationally and internationally.


Stateless Mind #5


Duration: 30 mins


This is a performance reading. The work revolves around women who leave their home region, do not start a family, but try to break social social barriers and create new opportunities for themselves. The performance text consist of fragments from walks in public space mixed with memories of her unmarried aunt from North Jutland, who traveled to Copenhagen and became a seamstress at boutique Yves Saint Laurent, and about Mette Kit Jensens own journey from Copenhagen's suburb to the art academy in Hamburg. The performance also involves the audience in helping the female artist to keep the balance.


For over 10 years Mette kit Jensen’s conceptual work form has consisted of walks in urban space, from which she observes the world as a flâneuse, makes conversations and gathers inspiration. She works with manuscripts, props, installations, performances and participant-based walks. The performance for Stateless Mind brings together notes and diaries, written together into an autobiographical performance script.

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