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Lucy MSP Burns


is working on a book tentatively titled Asian American Elsewheres: Placeness, Confrontations, and Continuations/Continuities. In this work, Burns pursues an interdisciplinary inquiry into the cartographic contours of Asian American creative imaginaries. It also engages the tension between Asian American artists as diasporic, immigrant artists-subjects, and global-thinking, global-facing artists-subjects who claim a stake in political, moral, and ethical debates consuming the world and our times. Burns is Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of California in Los Angeles and is the author of Puro Arte: Filipinos on the Stages of Empire (2012) and co-editor of California Dreaming: Place and Movement in Asian American Imaginaries.

Lucy Burns photo copy.jpg

Stateless Mind #5

Title - Update             Duration: 30 mins


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