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Ray Roa 



Originating from the Philippines, Ray Roa began his training with the HND dance at Newcastle College and completed his degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He went on to gain a post-graduate in performance at London Contemporary Dance School and Danish National School of Performing Arts dance partnership course DK.  


He has worked for Athena Valha, Fruake Requardt, Fleur Darkin, Carol Brown , Jurac Korec, Low Key Productions, Khamlane Halsackda, MYKA, Peter Svenson, Mark Foster , Lucy Suggate, Liv Lorent and Ingri Fiksdal. Ray is also a founding member of P-Noise collective based in Copenhagen where he has curated and showcased both dance and performance artworks from emerging artists based in the Philippines, UK and the Nordic Countries.


Stateless Mind #3

Performance Title - 

Ray’s Solo work is based on a kaleidoscope of memories cataloged in one body creating a genderless character that moves through dreams and reality. Pursuing the ideas of beauty and what it means to be was beautiful, this works challenges the conventional stereotypes of what beauty is supposed to be.

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